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Investment & Financing

Cooperation with international Banks is keen to finance projects on the basis of international terms.

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In US MAT of procurement activities are subjected to more scrutiny and review than any other process.

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Engeneering & Supervision

Coordination of workshops and subcontractors are critical to conveying projects on time and on budget.

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We delivered the most complicated construction projects and best services in the entire industry.

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Operation & Maintenance

Our main focus is on preventative unscheduled maintenance to ensure optimal operating conditions.



US MAT is a CZECH based corporation, which provides infrastructure consulting and engineering services in multiple sectors. Our infrastructure advisors aim to meet the demands of our clients while providing accurate infrastructure planning solutions.


Our large network of associates under a join venture collaboration, secure the success of our projects and guaranty our clients a secure way through a turnkey solution.


While strengthening our position among important engineering companies on European market in its main and dominant fields, our company US MAT gradually moves towards suppliers of complete capital equipment in all professions and so the company becomes of full range of EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and EPCC (Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning).

Building the future, one project at a time

Infrastructure studies /Advisory / Design

We work closely with public and private sector clients to develop feasibility assessments that:

  • Objectively and rationally uncover the likelihood of a given project’s success and

  • Provide a basis for decision making, in relation to Infrastructure planning and Infrastructure finances

  • Enhance Infrastructure planning processes

  • Furthermore, we go beyond the standard of ‘Is this project feasible?’ to ‘How can we make this project feasible from all perspectives?’

  • We have successfully provided the following feasibility assessments across a number of sectors including:

  • Technical feasibility studies including design and full lifecycle costing

  • Socio-environmental feasibility studies including impact and resettlement assessments

  • Commercial feasibility including financial/economic modeling towards determining bankability

  • Legal and regulatory interactions, implications and feasibility

  • Risk analysis, allocation and mitigation

  • Procurement strategy and administration

  • Fund mobilization and financial closure

Infrastructure studies

Financial and Economic Assessments

We work closely Our team of economists and financial advisors have conducted numerous cost/benefit and bankability assessments for large infrastructure projects. Our infrastructure finance related service offerings include: public and private sector clients to develop feasibility assessments that:

  • Financial modelling and structuring

  • Infrastructure finance planning 

  • Economic cost-benefit analysis

  • Risk analysis, allocation and mitigation

  • Fund mobilization, negotiations and financial closure



Site Investigations

We use the latest technologies such as DGPS, Total Station Surveys and LiDAR to study corridors and develop feasible alignment options along with Bill of Quantities / Cost Estimation. Our related services include:

  • Geotechnical Investigations

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Drainage Study

  • Hydrological Study

  • Route Alignment Survey

  • Bathymetric Survey

Detailed Engineering

We have assisted both public and private sector clients in developing engineering designs and plans that balance technical and commercial constraints. Our service offerings include:

  • Design Specifications

  • Alignment Design

  • Logistics Yard site planning and design

  • Facilities design

  • Bill of Quantities

  • Cost Estimation/Quantity Take-offs

  • Engineering Design 


Value Engineering (Strengthening/ Bankability)

Developing Transport Infrastructure is capital intensive and even a slight variance in design can have significant impacts to total project costs. Through the use of Quantity Take-off and other similar services, estimating the cost of material can indicate project costs. 
We bring creative solutions for our clients in the areas of cost and quality management with the following value engineering and audit services without compromising on essential function and quality:
  • Proof checking engineering designs

  • Quantity Take-off/Bill of Quantities

  • Cost Estimation

  • Sufficiency of Structural Design Audits

  • Project Management capabilities

  • Owner’s Engineer

  • Review and Inspection of works

  • Construction methodology and progress assessments

  • Audit of Quality Control mechanisms

  • Quality Control and Assurance


EPC+F Financing / Advisory

Our role and services

With our expertise and global network of partners, we can facilitate financing of complex infrastructure projects in emerging markets, in various infrastructure sectors including Roads, Marine, Power, Water, Irrigation, Agriculture, Renewable energy. Our solutions for facilitating export credit financing for infrastructure projects include:

  • Financial structuring

  • Procurement structuring

  • Preparation of presentation for lenders

  • Market sounding with banks and insurance institutions

  • Engagement with lenders and other financial institutions

With our extensive Engineering advisory experience, we thus provide concept to construction services for all the activities in the project development stage including

  • Feasibility studies

  • Environment and Social Impact Assessment studies

Benefits to Suppliers / Contractors

As a EPC Contractor or a supplier, having a financing solution in addition to the technical solution provides a competitive edge. Furthermore, risk of payment default is reduced as payment is made directly by the financing institution to supplier / contractor.

Benefit to Buyer

Buyers get access to attractive financing terms with lower interest rates and longer tenors than what is available on commercial terms. Additionally, the financing can be structured to provide solution for the entire project cost.


PPPs and Advisory

Governments are increasingly looking to the private sector for non-traditional methods of infrastructure delivery (Design-Build, Design-Build-Finance, Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain).
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP) rationale and business case

  • PPP options analysis, structuring and risk allocation

  • Tender development and administration

  • Negotiations and financial closure

  • Construction and operations monitoring


Project Management and Construction Supervision

We use specialized project management techniques to provide clients with oversight, planning, design and construction supervision services both domestically and internationally.

Environmental Management

Social and Environmental Management for large infrastructure projects is often a precursor to international lenders financing a project. We are very familiar with related impact assessments and management plans that are developed to IFC and other international norms.
Impact assessments and Environmental Management plans include : 
  • Environmental and Social Audits 

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

  • Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMoP)

  • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) 

  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

  • Environmental/Social Management Plan (ESMP)


Climate change is real, and we are now in the decade of adaptation and resilience. We help our clients answer ‘Are we resilient to climate change?’ by assessing infrastructure-level climate risks and designing related improvements towards climate adaptation and resilience. Strong environmental management plans can support the client’s goal of being ambitious and lessen climate change 


Designing excellence, constructing success



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